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One of the most impactful ways The Arc Tennessee organization helps the state’s disability community is through legislative advocacy. Our voices impact policy decisions. The Arc Tennessee has a place at the table when it comes to local, state and federal policies. We maintain strategic relationships and work with elected officials, other nonprofit organizations, civic groups, families and our membership. Our goal with all legislative advocacy efforts is to maintain the human and civil rights of people with disabilities.

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  • Doria

    Legislative advocacy became a way to address issues my son was facing in both school and adulthood. Working together with others has made it possible to achieve results that couldn’t have happened without a collaborative effort.

    – Doria
  • John

    Having been actively involved in policy advocacy now for over two decades, I’ve seen some amazing victories and disappointing setbacks. It’s humbling and also profoundly inspiring to realize that we CAN be part of determining the course of action taken by policymakers at the local, state, and federal level in regard to loved-ones with disabilities.

    – John
Ways to get involved with Advocacy

Take the first steps in learning about public policy and advocacy opportunities. Here are a few ways to stay informed and get connected.

Education & Advocacy Meetings

Get involved by joining The Arc Tennessee’s Advocacy & Education Committee. Each month, committee members discuss topics, policies and proposed legislation that impact school-aged individuals with disabilities.

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Weekly Awareness Emails

Sign up for The Arc Tennessee’s Weekly Awareness emails and get the highlights on event announcements, community resources, legislation efforts and more. Only one email per week.

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Policy Alerts

Stay informed on specific legislation and be notified of time-sensitive advocacy efforts by joining our policy alerts list. Elect to receive emails or text messages.

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