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The Arc Tennessee Annual Awards 2022
The Arc Tennessee Awards

Recognizing the impact of deserving individuals

The Arc Tennessee’s annual awards event is a positive experience, dedicated to highlighting those who go above and beyond in the disability community. One of the most inspiring events of the year, The Arc Tennessee Awards will be in-person on Monday, July 11, 2022 at the Loveless Barn in Nashville, TN. Nominations for the 2022 event are open now until Friday, May 6th. Award nomination deadlines and event details are posted below.

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Call for Nominations now open!

Due: Friday, May 6th

The Arc Tennessee Public Awareness and Awards Committee is proud to announce that nominations for The Arc Tennessee Awards 2022 is now open! Nominations are open to the general public, though the nominee has to be a resident of Tennessee and meet the award criteria. See below for more information on past winners and the award categories.

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Award Categories & Criteria

Nominations are now open!

Outstanding Therapist Award
(presented by Siskin Children’s Institute)

Honors a licensed therapist who demonstrates exemplary service and goes the extra mile when motivating, inspiring, and connecting with an individual(s) with disabilities. Nominees for this award may include an occupational therapist, physical therapist, behavioral therapist, speech language pathologist, developmental therapist or feeding therapist practicing in Tennessee.

Outstanding Medical Professional Award
(presented by Siskin Children’s Institute)

Honors a medical professional who has given outstanding care and contributed to improving the overall quality of life for individuals with disabilities. Nominees for this award may include a physician, surgeon, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, nurse, clinical dietician, clinical psychologist, or other licensed medical professional practicing in Tennessee.

Agency of Distinction Award

Honors a public or private community organization that provides exemplary supports and demonstrates a commitment to community inclusion for people with disabilities.

Community Service Award

Honors an individual or group who has demonstrated commitment to the mission and positions of The Arc by volunteering time locally or on a statewide basis to enhance opportunities for people with disabilities or working on special projects or events.

Direct Support Professional (DSP) Above and Beyond Award

Honors a DSP with $500 whose first allegiance is to the person he/she supports, who demonstrates the DSP Code of Ethics. The DSP Code of Ethics can be found HERE

Exemplary Educator Award

Honors a Tennessee educator or leader in education who has demonstrated excellence in providing for the education of students with developmental and other disabilities. Nominees for this award may include teachers, principals, administrators, school board members, college faculty or researchers.

Inclusive Employer Award

Honors a Tennessee employer with an exceptional record of providing inclusive community employment opportunities and accommodations for people with disabilities.

Promising Young Leader Award

Honors an individual (under age 22) or a group whose members are age 22 or younger, who have demonstrated outstanding leadership potential as seen in volunteer efforts on special projects or events that enhance opportunities for people with disabilities in their community.

Public Awareness Award

Honors outstanding efforts by state and local media entities or individuals that create better public understanding of people with disabilities. The award recognizes a variety of broadcast, print, and internet mass media, including – television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, podcasts, and blogs.

Ruth Roberts Sibling Award

Honors a sibling (brother or sister) of a person with a disability who, through their community involvement and advocacy efforts, creates an environment that fosters inclusion for all.

Self-determination Award

Honors an outstanding self-advocate who is a role model for others.

The Jake Award

Honors a person whose advocacy connects people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to the supports and services they need to be fully included members of the community, across their lifetime.

Work Initiative Award

Honors a person(s) with disabilities who shows the initiative to start and/or operate his/her/their own business or an employee with a disability who has had a positive impact on their work environment.

The Arc Tennessee 2021 Award Winners

Congratulations to all the 2021 winners!

  • Adelicia Company
    Adelicia Company Public Awareness
  • Tennessee Emergency Communications Board
    Tennessee Emergency Communications Board Agency of Distinction Award Winner
  • Advanced Auto Parts Warehouse DC42
    Advanced Auto Parts Warehouse DC42 Inclusive Employer
  • Diamond Grigsby
    Diamond Grigsby Self-Determination Award Winner
  • Janice Henderson
    Janice Henderson Direct Support Professional of the Year
  • Jonathan Martinis
    Jonathan Martinis Value Award for Justice
  • K-9 Companions Nashville
    K-9 Companions Nashville Value Award for Respect Award Winners
  • Korey Dalton
    Korey Dalton Promising Young Leader
  • Sharon Bottorff
    Sharon Bottorff Roger Blue Lifetime Achievement
  • Elizabeth Cervantes
    Elizabeth Cervantes Ruth Roberts Memorial
  • Ben Schwartzman
    Ben Schwartzman Work Initiative
  • Valeria Cobb
    Valeria Cobb Exemplary Educator