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Leaders in Advocacy

Meet our Team

These are the exceptional people who make The Arc Tennessee possible. If you need support, please reach out to us.

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The Arc of Tennessee Team


  • Heidi Haines
    Heidi Haines Executive Director
  • Adam L’Herault
    Adam L’Herault Director of Human Resources
  • Dara Bacon
    Dara Bacon Director of Communications & Public Awareness
  • Heather Henderson
    Heather Henderson Director of Advocacy
  • Ashley Coulter
    Ashley Coulter Director of Program Administration
  • Frank Meeuwis
    Frank Meeuwis Director of Quality Improvement and Systems Change
  • Jennifer Aprea
    Jennifer Aprea Director of Family Engagement in Special Education

Support Staff

  • Gavin Dillinger
    Gavin Dillinger Executive Administrative Assistant
  • Scott Finney
    Scott Finney Receptionist and Community Liaison
  • Angela Braach
    Angela Braach Membership and Local Chapter Coordinator
  • Dylan Brown
    Dylan Brown Peer Support Coordinator
  • Penny Johnson
    Penny Johnson Center for Decision-Making Support Program Coordinator
  • Ingrid Moody
    Ingrid Moody Office Manager

Advocates & Community Resource Specialist

  • Tracey Cunningham
    Tracey Cunningham Advocate
  • Theresa Smisor
    Theresa Smisor Advocate
  • Lamont Tucker
    Lamont Tucker Advocate
  • Billy Worsham
    Billy Worsham Community Resource Specialist
  • Hal Baker
    Hal Baker Community Resource Specialist II
  • Caitlynd Freeze
    Caitlynd Freeze Advocate
  • Susan Bryant
    Susan Bryant Community Resource Specialist II

Family Engagement Team

  • Kayla Jeffries
    Kayla Jeffries Regional Family Communications Specialist
  • Kathleen Basham
    Kathleen Basham Regional Family Engagement Coordinator
  • Molly Anderson
    Molly Anderson Regional Family Engagement Coordinator
  • Kendra Jones
    Kendra Jones Regional Family Engagement Coordinator
  • Annette Graves
    Annette Graves Regional Family Engagement Coordinator
  • Jeremy Connors
    Jeremy Connors Family Engagement Specialist
  • Susan Carr
    Susan Carr Regional Family Engagement Coordinator
  • Katrina VanBuren
    Katrina VanBuren Regional Family Engagement Coordinator

Education Mentors

  • Emily Whitson
    Emily Whitson Exceptional Education Mentor

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