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Emergency Preparedness

Resources for every Tennessean

Emergency situations are hard for anyone to navigate, especially when disabilities are involved. The Arc Tennessee is committed to helping individuals and families by simplifying the most critical steps of emergency preparedness. By exploring and using the outlined resources below, you can take simple steps for keeping yourself and loved ones safe.

Emergency Preparedness

How to get started

Even though preparing for emergencies should be a top priority, it’s often disregarded. The resources on this page will help you take the initial steps in becoming prepared.

The Arc Tennessee collaborated with Metro Nashville Police, Nashville Fire, Nashville’s Office of Emergency Management and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to prioritize what information is most essential for Tennesseans when it comes to emergency planning. View theses short videos to get started.  

Basic Emergency Planning Steps

When you think about emergency preparedness, remember these basic steps: be informed, make a plan and build a kit. Click on each step to view statewide resources, instructions and frequently asked questions.

Basic Emergency Planning Steps & Resources

Every plan begins with a single step

Be Informed

Click HERE to view the Office of Emergency Management Resources about staying informed.

Make a plan

Click HERE to view the Office of Emergency Management Resources about making a plan.

Build a kit

Click HERE to view the Office of Emergency Management Resources about making an emergency kit.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

Resources to help parents and guardians assist law enforcement if a child goes missing.

Additional Resources

Helpful forms and resources for everyone, especially individuals with disabilities

Before the Disaster

Preparing NOW for an emergency can make a big difference in ensuring the safety and well being of yourself and those around you. Click HERE for information on the three basic emergency preparedness steps. 

During the Disaster

Being prepared for disaster situations, actually starts with knowing what disasters might happen in your area, and what to expect for each situation. Click Here to view the most common hazards, what to expect, and what you need to know.

After the Disaster

Click HERE for more information on information regarding health, safety and returning home following a disaster.

Make a difference

Did you know that The Arc Tennessee provides emergency funds for families in need?

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