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Our Mission

The Arc Tennessee empowers people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families to actively participate in the community throughout their lifetime.

how can we help you?

Our staff works to align community resources and build a future of inclusion, connection, and support.

The Arc Tennessee plays a crucial role in advocacy and services across the state.

The Arc is a nonprofit, national federation that includes The Arc of the United States, state chapters, and local chapters. While all chapters work in support of the same mission, each plays a different role in accomplishing this mission. The Arc Tennessee is the state chapter, and we exist primarily to provide individual and family advocacy. We are committed to positively impacting the system of services that support the disability community.

Our 15 local chapters exist primarily to provide direct services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. These services vary from chapter to chapter but may include any of the following: case management, employment supports, personal assistance, residential supports, respite, early intervention, training and education.

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The Arc Tennessee relies on the support of generous donors. Make a difference in the disability community by making a donation!



Providing helpful information and aligning community resources

  • Resources for Decision Making

    Find decision-making and future planning resources all in one place at the new Tennessee Center for Decision-Making Support.

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  • Resources for Decision Making

    Explore resources that empower parents and caregivers of school-aged children.

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  • Resources for Decision Making

    The Tennessee Disability Mega Conference is an inclusive, informative and inspiring event.

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Events Calendar

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  • June 10 Thursday
    New Website launch 7:00pm Learn more
    June 08 Tuesday
    People First Job Club 10:00am Learn more
    June 14 Monday
    People First Advisory Council Meeting 10:00am Learn more
  • June 15 Tuesday
    People First Social Hour 10am & 5:00pm Learn more
    June 22 Tuesday
    People First Jeopardy 10am & 5pm Learn more
    July 06 Tuesday
    People First State Call 10am & 5pm Learn more